Should we deploy a Hosted, Cloud or On-Premises Telephony Solution?

“What’s the difference and what’s best?”

“Which offers the best value for money?”

“ISDN is being switched off isn’t it?”

Clients regularly ask these types of questions when considering a new telephony solution and, quite rightly, many more.

Through our consultation and demonstration process we will deliver the facts and offer a solution which is correctly tailored to meet your requirements.

Having provided solutions to clients throughout the UK and abroad for twenty years you can be assured that we provide straight-talking, dependable, unbiased advice.

We actively encourage businesses considering partnering with us to contact existing clients to check the level of service and technical ability we offer.

We are very proud to have a happy client base, and will continue to deliver.

Hosted Systems

Our cutting edge, fully-featured hosted system that reduces your business’ communication costs, adds flexibility and drives engagement.

Features include, but are not limited to:

  • Inclusive iOS or Android Applications
  • Inclusive Calls to UK local and National numbers
  • Inclusive PC/mac Softphones
  • Inclusive call recording
  • Inclusive automatic call reporting
  • Inclusive Wallboards
  • Unlimited Extensions

Contact us today for a free demonstration. We can even set you up with a trial system so you can take it for a test drive!

PBX Systems

Having partnered with both Mitel and Panasonic systems for twenty years we continue to support, install and maintain them in the correct situations.

If for example data connectivity is poor in your area, and you may still need to rely on ISDN, Multi or Single Analogue lines for your voice communication needs.

They also offer an excellent migration path away from traditional telephone lines when the time is right and are of course fully VoIP capable.

Features include but are not limited to:

  • Scalable up to 500 end points
  • Minimal ongoing costs
  • Future proof hardware
  • Reliable, proven technology
  • Utilise SIP (VoIP), ISDN and Analogue Lines and even Microsoft Teams Integration
  • Extensive range of handsets to suit any situation

Contact us today for a free consultation. Our fully qualified engineers will survey your site and provide you with a detailed quotation.

Fixed Lines

From the single analogue line that supports one call, up to multi-circuit ISDN30s that support traditional contact centres…We do it all!

We can provide fixed line telephony for your business at a competitive rate and offer entirely bespoke call rates to UK local, national, mobile and international destinations.

Many businesses in areas of poor data connectivity still rely on traditional phone lines. We pride ourselves on being able to support businesses in these situations and can offer the same level of cutting-edge telephony albeit through traditional methods.

Partnering with us is also a smart choice for the future…When the time is right for you to migrate to an IP based solution (which all businesses will eventually have to have to do) we are fully on hand and highly experienced in assisting you seamlessly through the process.

All fixed lines provided by RJ Cortel benefit from automatic full fraud monitoring at no extra cost, guarding you against potential bill shock.

Contact us today for a free comparison on your line rentals and call costs to see if we can help

SIP Trunking

RJ Cotel can modernise your business with our SIP trunks and offer you greatly reduced call spend but also a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

By utilising modern technology, we can ensure that if your system fails for any reason and cant be reached, we can divert over to another number automatically.

This allows you to continue doing what you do best while we sort out the rest.

Why not team up the SIP trunks with our hosted or on-premise PBX’s for the full solution and benefit from free calls to UK local, national and mobile numbers and Low monthly rentals compared to fixed lines with unparalleled reliability.

To find out if your current system is capable of being SIP enabled, contact is now for a free, no obligation quotation.


We understand that any telephony solution is vital to your business. It’s imperative that it fits your needs, is reliable and performs beyond expectations. We take this responsibility very seriously. All clients, no matter how big or small, are therefore assigned a dedicated account manager who is fully trained and qualified in the solution of your choosing.


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