Mansell McTaggart

Whilst looking to secure a new property within Horley, Mansell McTaggart approached RJ Cortel after receiving recommendations from our happy customers.

Moving in line with future technology we recommended that Mansell McTaggart should look at our hosted solution, not only did this allow for quick installation but also provided a versatile platform that will grow with them and their business venture.

Our hosted solution proved to be a quick and easy installation process that lessened the stress caused by a new office opening and once the staff were trained to use the new handsets they were ready to start benefiting from this new technology

One of the main benefits Mansell McTaggart now have is being able to take their office calls with them when they were out of the office and receiving their voicemails in an email for easy access. Being able to work whilst away from the office not only helps them stay informed but minimises down time leading to increased productivity.

We are delighted that Mansell McTaggart have taken the steps to ensure that their communications are future proofed and we continue to enjoy working with them and managing their connectivity and telephony requirements.

As an Estate agent it is imperative to ensure that have a reliable telephone line and internet with a service provider able to give us the back up when there are issues given that most of our business is done over the internet and phones. When starting up a new branch we looked into a number of different providers and, through very good recommendations, we approached RJ Cortel.  The sales manager was very helpful right from the off, explaining different products that would be best for our needs. Most companies, once you have signed up, you never hear from your initial contact again .However, with RJ Cortel, they followed the whole process through to completion and even after that they have always been there to help. The installation team were very professional and explained the system clearly. We have been using the system for over a year now and the service and back up support has been second to none with quick resolution of any problems and the support team go above and beyond to ensure that we get the best service. I would highly recommend RJ Cortel for any business and wouldn’t go anywhere else.

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