Vortec CCTV systems now available from RJ Cortel Ltd

Thinking of installing CCTV to protect your business, staff or property?

RJ Cortel are now offering a cost effective solution with a robust and reliable range of Vortec IP CCTV Cameras

We have been installing bespoke CCTV solutions for a number of years now, however due to smaller businesses also requiring the added protection that a CCTV deployment can provide we have decided to scour the market to find a system that no only delivers picture perfect quality but also comes in at a price point that all businesses can justify.

We can now supply a range of Bullet, Fish Eye and Dome cameras to fit into any environment that you can think of both internally and externally.



All of our CCTV cameras are IP based meaning that you can now have the option to monitor your cameras remotely, not only offering you 24/7 protection but also complete peace of mind.

With recent advancements in technology you can also benefit from motion activated recording, meaning that continuous recording isn’t a necessity any more, the camera will simply start recording when an object moves into its view point. The main benefit of this is that there will be no need to search through hours worth of footage, you can simply see each time the cameras were triggered and view the footage that you actually want to see.

Night vision using infrared technology also allows you to see whats going on during the darkest hours, in the image at the top of the page you can see that one of our Dome IP CCTV cameras can cover the areas of access and main focal points/areas of interest.

If you are interested in implementing a CCTV solution for your business then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a bespoke quotation following our free site visit and consultation service.





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