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Take advantage of our latest offer, for only £135.00/month you can now equip your business with our latest complete broadband and telephony package. We have listened to our customers and can now provide you with our best ever bundled office communications that not only save you time but also money.

A Robust, Reliable Start-Up Company

Phone System to Keep You Connected

As a committed supporter of start-up businesses up and down the country, we are offering a Mitel MiVoice complete package that provides exceptional value for money to your company. The package will take care of your voice and data communication requirements; at an amazing price.

Our offering is designed to be even more scalable than the original product, with extra trunks, and extra ports for your connectivity requirements.

At £135.00 ex VAT per month, the package includes a mammoth 4,000 minutes of free UK local and international calls; plenty for just about any business.

Mobile Twining

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Mobile twinning is where an employee’s mobile device is connected to their office desk phone, such that, whenever the desk phone rings, the user’s connected mobile device also rings.

Hot Desking

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Log into your phone extension through any hot desk phone. You can use your extension number and phone book to place calls even if you do not have physical access to desk phone.

Meet Me Conferencing

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You can use this feature to hold secure, in-house voice and web conference calls simply by entering the conference codes. You eliminate the need for expensive third-party conferencing providers.

Dynamic Extensions

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By enabling dynamic extension, calls are routed to free extensions. In other words, if the dialed extension is engaged, the system will seek a free extension and route the call to it.

Teleworking and Reporting

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This feature allows employees to work from home, coffee shops, cafes; just about anywhere. All they need is aMiVoice compatible phone. By connecting to the network through the secure lines.

Automatic Call Routing

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This functionality is gold for call centres. With Automatic Call Routing, our engineers can configure the solution to route calls to call centreagents based on agentidle time, call count.

RJ Cortel Package offer on-top of the Mitel 250

Scheduled Time-based Application Routing(STAR)

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You can choose where calls are routed depending on the time of the day, day of the week or even a specific time of the year.
Depending on the rules you instruct our engineers to set, a caller is routed to a specific destination or given a specific response at any given period.

Contact us today for your Mitel Complete Office in a Box; at £135.00/month, enterprise quality and power in an affordable start-up company phone solution.

Unified Voice Messaging with

Automated Assistant and Email Sync

Have your callers attended to and guided by an automated assistant. The feature allows a caller to be routed to the appropriate extension without the need for operator intervention.

This allows your operators and staff to devote their time to calls and requests that actually need their attention.
This feature also provides email notifications for voice messages, and even allows voice messages to be sent to your email as attachments.

Telephone Systems

New systems, upgrades, maintenance, training and funding options.

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Network Provision

Lines, calls and data connectivity to suit any business billed by one single specialist supplier.

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Business Mobile

Dedicated account management and billing for business mobile phone accounts.

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IP CCTV Systems

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RJ Cortel Unified Communications

Support for Your Start-Up Business

As a start-up we understand that you are under constant pressure, with tight schedules, tough client demands and operational challenges. Since your budget is not limitless, you need to leverage the best, most affordable Unified Communications (UC) technology out there to meet your business demands.

At RJ Cortel we are continually looking for ways to evolve our products and services to meet your complex communications needs, and make your business easier to run. To this end we would like to introduce you to our new start-up phone system; offering functionality and unbeatable value.

Converged Internet Connection for Voice and Data

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This exceptional start-up company phone package provides a converged internet connection for your voice and data requirements.

This absolutely ensures that you get a reliable internet connection for your voice and data operations; connectivity solutions from a company that understands and supports thousands of SMEs.
We listened to what our customers wanted and have invested heavily in product research to put together this package. If you need a comprehensive, scalable, flexible, affordable solution with some pretty advanced features, then this package is for you.


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