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Take advantage of our latest offer, for only £125.00/month you can now equip your business with our latest complete broadband and telephony package. We have listened to our customers and can now provide you with our best ever bundled office communications that not only save you time but also money.

Communication is at

the heart of every business

As one of our most popular phone makes, we have installed Panasonic telephone systems for customers around the country since our launch in 2001; we are true Panasonic experts.

This start-up package is geared towards making you more efficient, and is a complete telephony and data solution – with the latest Panasonic hardware and range topping Cisco routers. All of this costs just £125.00 exc. VAT per month.

Efficiency & Affordability

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Market leading telephone and PBX hardware, total reliability, massive call allowances.

Market Leading Telephone

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The KX-NS700 system is a tremendous addition to your business allowing you to optimize resources with its advanced routing function.

Perfect For Startups

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The product is designed to support up to 250 employees and you can adjust the capacity to match the needs of your business.

Industry Leading Support

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We understand that our clients have tight schedules and operational challenges, RJ Cortel offers expert support when you need it.

Panasonic KX-NS700 Smart Hybrid PBX


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4 Panasonic DT521 Handsets
Free WiFi access point for all your wireless needs
5 extra ports for 4 PCs and 1 Printer (PC and printer not included), for full scalability.
Free Cisco Router to handle your Data and calls worth over £300.00
2 channels of communication.
4000 free minutes to local and national numbers in the UK.

Contact us today for your Panasonic Complete Office in a Box; at £125.00/month, it is efficiency, affordability and functionality in a single comprehensive package

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RJ Cortel Unified Communications

Support for Your Start-Up Business

As a start-up we understand that you are under constant pressure, with tight schedules, tough client demands and operational challenges. Since your budget is not limitless, you need to leverage the best, most affordable Unified Communications (UC) technology out there to meet your business demands.

At RJ Cortel we are continually looking for ways to evolve our products and services to meet your complex communications needs, and make your business easier to run. To this end we would like to introduce you to our new start-up phone system; offering functionality and unbeatable value.

A Simple Digital Telephone – Easy To Use

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The KX-NS700 telephone system is Panasonic’s answer to the budget unified communication end of the SME market, but it doesn’t compromise on call quality. In fact, the product is a marked quality improvement on previous Panasonic phone systems, even those at higher price points, and is one of the market leading systems in its category.

A crucial feature of this product is that it is scalable. The system has enough capacity for legacy and IP ports. It also has an Expansion Cabinet which you can use to expand the system. The product is designed to support up to 250 employees and you can adjust the capacity to match the needs of your business. The product is future-proof: It grows with your business.
The voicemail system can be extended to record up to 24 channels at the same time, and store around 400 hours of voice messages.

When fully integrated by our skilled engineers, the system can send emails to users when they receive a voice message; and the voice messages can be received as attachments. This system also sends an email notification for missed calls, so that you can easily contact the caller. To include this premium feature please speak to a member of RJ Cortel who will provide you with all the required details

The KX-NS700 system is a tremendous addition to your business. It allows you to optimize even limited communication resources with its advanced routing function.

Having the ability to program automated attendants and weekly time based schedules on the system will allow callers to be transferred to the appropriate extension without the assistance of an operator. This means that your staff can devote their time to tasks that are business critical.


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