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SIP – What is SIP?

SIP trunking is a direct connection between your organization and an ISP. It enables you to extend VoIP telephony beyond your organization’s firewall without the need for an IP-PSTN gateway. Additionally, SIP trunks can carry instant messages, multimedia conferences, user presence information, and other SIP-based, real-time communications services. Because it is easier to configure and less expensive to design, operate, maintain, and upgrade, and because ISP’s deliver services at substantial savings, your investment in SIP trunking can give a quick and substantial return on investment. SIP is the most resilient service available for modern day telephony, allowing you many benefits that include just some of the following:

•The ability to add more channels as and when needed without the massive installation cost, as opposed to ISDN.

•As SIP channels allow your business to port your existing number(s) (even if you move premises) the end customer experience is the same.

•The lower cost of placing calls using Voice over Internet Protocol is far cheaper than over an ISDN circuit.

•Should the worst happen in the event of a disaster there will be no need for your customers to be unable to get through as SIP lines are easily diverted to any number you wish either manually or automatically.

RJ Cortel always works hard to find the right solution, we know that teamed with our carrier grade SIP and Hosted provider we have an unbeatable system, look below to find out why:

•All services are delivered on a carrier provided assured service, giving you complete peace of mind that all your phone calls will be delivered effortlessly and with perfect call quality.

•The ability to make changes instantly…can’t make it into work?… Not to worry, contact RJ Cortel and with a few clicks we can direct the calls to your mobile.

If you would like to find more information on how SIP works then take a look at this page: 

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