Siemens – Siemens System FAQ

Q. How can I manually change the time & date on a Siemens HiPath telephone system?….
A. Go to the operator assigned handset (normally the handset with the lowest extension number). Leave the handset on the hook and with the phone in it’s default state type in *95. The screen will now state “System Administration User:” enter 31994 and then press the tick key. The screen will now state “System Administration Ident/Password:” go ahead and enter your system password followed again by the tick key. Once successfully logged into the system the screen will display “System admin. –System”. Now type in 52 and the screen will display “Format: hhmm:” followed by the current system time. Underneath it will also display “* =Change?” Go ahead and press the star key and type in the correct time then press the tick key to confirm as instructed on the screen. The phone will provide a confirmation tone that the time has been applied and the screen will then display “F2=Date?” If it is not necessary to change the date simply lift the handset and then replace it and the phone will go back to it’s default state and the system time will immediately be updated to all connected Siemens digital or IP handsets. Should you also wish to change the date simply press the tick key at the “F2=Date?” prompt, press the tick key again when the phone displays 53=Date?, press the * key to change the current date, enter the correct date in a six digit format and press the tick key to confirm, the confirmation tone will be played then pick up and replace the handset. N.B. If you do not know the extension number in your site which is the operator handset and/or you do not know the system password please contact us via email on Please be advised that we will only be able to disclose system passwords to either known members of staff or via email to your account registered email address. This is a security measure to protect your system from potential fraudulent usage and is something we take extremely seriously.


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