Panasonic – Panasonic System FAQ

Q. A little red lamp appears on the top right of my Panasonic handset…How do I get rid of it? ….
The message waiting lamp can be illuminated either by a voicemail message or a call back request being made from another internal extension. With your phone on the hook simply dial *790 and then lift the handset. Extension data will be cleared. Please note this method will also clear other “soft” features that are currently in place such as call forwarding or do not disturb.

Q. How can I set up a conference call on a Panasonic system?….
If you are using a Panasonic digital or IP handset establish the conversation with the first party. Once established press either the CONF or TRANSFER key on the handset and dial the next party’s telephone number. If the third party is an external number, please remember to dial the outside line access prior to the number (in most cases a 9). Once the conversation with the third party is established press the CONF key once more and all three parties will be included into the conference. Please note if the handset you are using does not have a CONF key you can still establish a conference call but simply using the TRANSFER key as above but by replacing the final CONF keystroke by pressing key 3.

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