iPhone – Transferring contacts between iPhones

How do you transfer all your contacts from your old iPhone to your new one?

Apple introduced iCloud back in 2011 and its cloud service can be used to easily transfer contacts from one device to another. If you don’t use iCloud, don’t worry as you can always use iTunes.

To transfer contacts to a brand new iPhone using the iCloud:

1) On your old phone, make sure that you’re logged into your iCloud account and connected to WiFi. To check if you’re logged in, head to Settings> iCloud – if your name and Apple ID are displayed at the top of the page then you’re logged in and ready to get started.

2) Once you’re logged in, make sure that the option to sync contacts is toggled on.

3) Go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup and tap “Back Up now”. The length of time this takes depends on how much content you’re backing up and the speed of your Internet connection (remember to take a look at our back up guide)

4) During the initial setup of your iPhone, you’ll be prompted for your Apple ID details.

5) When asked to choose from a backup or set up as a new iPhone, select “Restore from iCloud Backup”.

6) Select the latest backup from the list and the restore will begin. The length of time this takes depends on your Internet connection.

7) Once the restore has finished, the phone will restart and should be ready to use.

To transfer contacts to an iPhone using iTunes:

1) Plug your old iPhone into your PC/Mac and open the latest version of iTunes.

2) Select your iPhone from the menu bar, click “info” and make sure that “Sync Contacts” is enabled.

3) Click “Sync” to sync your iPhone and all its contacts with your PC/Mac.

4) Once complete, unplug your old iPhone and replace it with your new iPhone.

5) In iTunes, select your iPhone from the menu bar, click info and make sure that “Sync Contacts” is enabled.

6) Scroll down to the “Advanced” menu, and make sure that “Contacts” is selected under the “Replace information on this iPhone” submenu. This will wipe any contacts currently stored on your iPhone and replace them with your PC/Mac contacts, which should be the contacts from your old iPhone if you followed steps 1-3 properly.

7) Click Sync to apply the settings and transfer contacts to your new iPhone.


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