Ethernet – EFM service issues and faults

If you are experiencing issues with EFM connectivity, please run through the necessary checks listed below before reporting the issue to the service desk.


Hard Down Faults

A Hard Down fault is when an Ethernet connection goes down and there is no connection, either upstream or downstream (maybe both). We work hard with a number of different parties in the case of a hard down to make sure that you are back up and running as quickly as possible.

We monitor all of our EFM circuits 24/7 and once we’ve noticed a circuit in a hard down state, we will get in contact to alert you of the circuits state with some questions on this if you are wanting to raise this as a fault.

Questions which you need to answer before we can move on and log the fault are:

  • Is there power to the BT NTE?
  • What LED’s are lit on the BT NTE?
  • Is there power to the Gamma Managed router?
  • What LED’s are lit on the Gamma Managed router?
  • Is the Gamma Managed router cabled according to the handover documentation?
  • Can you provide onsite contact details (name and number) and availability in case this has to go to an Engineer visit?

If you need help with the above questions then we are more than happy to guide you through the various connections on your site.


Intermittent Connections

An intermittent connection fault is where the Ethernet is not consistent and drops at random times. There are different reasons for an intermittent fault, and they can be particularly troublesome to locate. Most commonly, intermittent connections are caused by a local issue – usually equipment at the site.

These are the local checks that we recommend you carry out before raising a fault with us.

Has there been any configuration changes that have happened recently?

We ask this as these changes may have affected the connection, and it wouldn’t actually be a fault with the line, but a fault with the configuration.

Are all the connections into the Network Termination Equipment (NTE) and Routers securely in?

We need to make sure that all the cables are connected properly into the NTE and routers.

Switch all the equipment off and leave off for 2 minutes before powering back on.

Using the On/Off switch on the router(s) – located next to where the power supply unit plugs into.

If you are using a wireless connection, try the service with a wired connection.

This is to see if the is anything affecting the wireless.

Check the Firewall settings

Please contact your IT department as we are unable to offer any help on the Firewall, unless it has been provided by RJ Cortel Ltd

If all checks have been carried out and you are still experience intermittent connectivity to the internet, please contact RJ Cortel on 01435811580


Slow Speed Faults

If you are experiencing a slow speed fault please contact RJ Cortel and we will take a look at your conneciton graph, slow speed faults are usually down to the Ethernet connections bandwidth being maxed out. We will monitor the connection and will escalate further if you still have available bandwidth but are experiencing slow speeds.

Please carry out the above checks for an intermittent connection to help diagnose the slow speed faults.



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