iOS 10: What can you expect from the latest iPhone software

The new iOS 10 software for iPhone and iPad is nearly here, the release date is scheduled to coincide with the release of the new iPhone 7.

There are plenty of new features and improvements that Apple has been planning to give you the biggest iOS update yet. Keep reading and we will show you what they have been working on.



1 The ability to remove the Stocks app!

Apple have been very quiet on this improvement, basically you are now able to delete a few of Apple’s own apps from your handset.

This means that the Stocks, News and Maps can all be deleted if you wanted to, so no more hiding them in a folder on your home screen.

Please don’t expect loads of space to be freed up in your storage by deleting these applications, the main benefit will be being able to have a clear screen for the things that actually matter to you.

So far the only Apple applications that you will not be able to delete are Camera, Find iPhone, Health, Messages, Phone, Wallet, Activity and Settings.



2 Siri

Siri has had a bit of an overhaul, compared to Microsoft’s Cortana and Google Now, Siri felt a bit like a novelty item that only had basic functions and hadn’t really evolved with the latest trends.

In iOS 10 Apple have increased the number of applications that Siri will be able to integrate with, this means that if you need to book a taxi with Uber then simply ask Siri to get you home and Siri will do the rest!

This has the potential to make Siri a lot more of a “Go to” application rather than something you ask “What’s a trillion to the 10th power?” If you haven’t done this yet then give it a quick go!

Siri will also now be able to work within your Mail and Messages by being able to suggest intelligent replies, also by being able to access your calendar and address book Siri will help to see if you are available for any mentioned engagements.



iPhone_Today_PR-PRINT3 Improved Lock Screen Functions

You no longer have to press any button on the device to bring up the lock screen; by simply picking up the handset the lock screen will be displayed, this is done by using the inbuilt accelerometers to detect the sweeping up motion.

Access to important applications has been improved, from the lock screen if you slide right you will open up the Camera. Weather and news is accessed by simply sliding left.

Handsets with 3D touch will now be able to use this from the lock screen allowing you to hold down on messages and emails and decide how to reply without opening the device up allowing you to dismiss, answer or simply ignore at that current time.

Devices that have 3D touch are the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, but we would hazard a guess that the latest iPhone 7 will also be sporting the 3D touch hardware.




4 Photos

The Photos application has been given a new lease of life with some interesting features to keep it in competition with Flickr and Google Photos.

The most notable addition is the new tab called Moments, this will pull together pictures using facial, scene and object recognition, the idea behind this is to make it easier to create albums and groups of photos that you can access quickly and easily, be it pictures of a messy weekend, sunny beach snaps or photos of your beloved pets.

This will also link to a Maps function within the Moments tab, showing you where these photos were taken using Geo Tagging on the images.



5 Apple Music

Due to the streaming service featured in the iPhone Music app looking clunky and being far too awkward for some, Apple has decided to address these concerns with a much cleaner new design, which makes the music controls more prominent and more user friendly.

A ‘For You’ tab generates easy-to-search recommendations of songs you might like by using you existing library, also included is a new ‘Discovery Mix’ playlist based on your listening habits too.

Simple stuff but it makes a big difference!




6 Emojis and Messages

An update that makes a BIG improvement!

Apple has finally revealed a series of new updates that are aiming to compete with Snapchat. Some of these features are the ‘invisible’ message that you can only see if you press down on the blue speech bubble on screen, these bubbles can changed in size helping you to convey loudness.

A new emoji predictor and handwriting-recognition function make it a lot more like some of the better keyboard apps out there helping to make the experience more intuitive and fun.

iMessage has now been opened up to developers, this essentially means you can access information from other apps without having to leave the message you’re writing, helpful stuff that keeps you flowing in the new iOS.




7 Spam will be identified

It’s the bane of your life, an unknown number calling you, do you answer it?.. It could be real?.. Or is it simply a PPI call?

The new iOS 10 will be able to identify such numbers and give you a warning telling you that it could be an unwelcome call, most probably from someone trying to sell you something that you don’t want or need. It’s all up to you whether you answer, but at the very least, being alerted these types of calls should help you out if you always seem to be on the receiving end.




8 Apple Pay

Apple Pay has been around for a while and whilst currently leading the pack it isn’t being used as much as expected, this could be because using contactless cards is much easier.

To fight this issue Apple is aiming to increase its portfolio by letting you buy the stuff you want online using its secure payments system.

Websites will soon feature the Apple pay icon allowing you to simply tap on it and pay by holding down the Touch ID button on your handset.

Apple continues to team up with some big names that include United Airlines and Expedia to names some; however more are in the pipeline.

PayPal owns this sector, however if Apple continues to bite at its heels we should see Apple pay become more of an online contender, let the battle begin!




9 Older iPhones and iPads welcome

Apple says that iOS 10 will be supported on all iPhones from the iPhone 5 onwards.

All iPad Air and iPad Pro models will be supported, but you’ll need an iPad 4th generation or higher or iPad mini 2 or higher for the best results from the latest iOS update.

Apple continues to impress with the support on offer for older generation of smart phones some are now up to 4 years old. This is something that Google have yet been able to match.

Some of the latest features will not work with the older handsets. The iPhone 5 does not have the Touch ID that is required for Apple Pay, however all of the other features (hardware dependent) will work.




10 Releases in autumn


Apple will release iOS 10 to the general public this autumn, most likely at the same time as the iPhone 7.

If you can’t wait that long then you can sign up to the Apple Public Beta Program. You can download the work in progress version of the software. Be warned though, there will be bugs!

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