How do you know when to update your phone system?


Did you know that 75% of potential customers made a judgement about whether they’d continue working with a company based on their interactions with customer service?

That’s a frighteningly high statistic! In this day and age, where communication is almost everywhere, it is becoming very hard to rely on our older, slower and outdated technology.

Not only can it prove to be a burden and become a frustration for your employees, but poor system features such as low audio quality and voice message capabilities can influence the way people, or your potential customers, view you as a business.

Your professional reputation is often impossible to rebuild once it has been dented, so it’s time to think carefully about the image that you want to portray to your customers and others in your industry.

Here is a simple task that you can carry out:

Think about your business as it is now in the “present”, now compare it to where you were five or ten years ago in the “past”, times have changed and the way we do business is constantly evolving, Fax is almost obsolete and you now no longer rely on putting pen to paper when you can simply type out an email.

Now think ahead to the next decade and wonder how you will communicate with you future customers. You should now have an idea of how quickly technology changes and becomes more influential, does you phone system have the ability to roll with the punches and come out fighting? If it doesn’t then it might be time to start thinking about an update.

Have you heard the phrase “just deal with it” or “if it’s not broke don’t fix it”?

It might not necessarily be a direct functioning issue with your PBX. Sure, the system might be old, and might start falling over occasionally but it still (for most of the time) gets the job done. It functions just fine…

…But it does lack the more modern and flexible features and it is starting to show its age amongst the competition.

Are you missing out? A newer, more modern, and more flexible business phone system can prove to be an asset to your company due to being able to manage customer workflows, monitor any calls, enforce automated responses, organise your voice messages, manage call forwarding rules, etc.

Business growth and customer demand.

If your customer demand is increasing, shouldn’t you be using a business phone system that offers simple flexible options? Outdated phone systems will not be able provide the scalability many businesses need when it comes to their communication needs, and the last thing any business wants is congested networks and lost customers.

The same thing applies for internal business growth. More employees leads to more phones, and an older system will struggle to keep up with the increased demand.

Tech advances and increased reliability

Technology is moving forwards at such a pace that we have never witnessed before. Faster than ever, as mentioned before, older technologies are now becoming obsolete. Dial up (remember that noise) was something that amazed businesses in the late 90s or early 2000s will feel terribly outdated if you placed the service in a modern corporate environment!

Above all, older systems, most now are going to the end of life stage, are typically more expensive to repair, the diagnostics and repair process can and does take time that your business simply does not have. Sure, some of the phones might work fine, but if you’re a business committed to leading the pack and being a front runner in your industry, you can’t risk settling for ‘fine’. Why? Because ‘fine’ will always be beaten by ‘outstanding’ and you can’t settle for 2nd place.

With recent improvements with phone systems we can see any issues before even the customer notices, thus allowing us to intervene and resolve the issue before it even becomes apparent.

Sorry could…you say that…again.

Your employees are starting to complain about not being able to hear the customer clearly.

Perhaps this faulty connection results in wasted time and too many call-backs (and you’re sick of this poor quality making your business look bad!)

Does the issue lie with the phone system or with your analogue lines; only diagnostics will reveal the issue.

But I wish it could just do this!

Older phone systems carry higher maintenance. They were built solidly and they got the job done meaning that they proved to be incredibly reliable, but as time progressed, you’ve found some of its features become redundant while you spend your days wondering about more advanced and innovative features whilst working around your old systems funny quirks.

Newer and more advanced technologies typically require less maintenance, resulting in reduced downtime and cost savings. In fact, a VoIP business phone system could pay for itself in as little as 12-months due to the low upfront costs take a look here to find out why.

Do I look for hosted or traditional?

While considering your potential new business phone system, you will probably come across the “VoIP-vs-ISDN” debate. Each has their own benefits and drawbacks, and while there’s no simple solution, we are experienced with both methods of communication with systems to suit VoIP or ISDN and will only recommend a product once we have a thorough understanding of what you require.


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