Hosted VoIP For Your Business

RJ Cortel’s Hosted VoIP for Business

Top of the Line Features, Sophisticated Hardware and Software- And No Downtime!

RJ Cortel’s Hosted VoIP for Business is an opportunity to invest in a communication system that offers a plethora features, guaranteed high quality service through an assured connection, and no downtime! All of this with very little on-site hardware installation and absolutely no hidden costs. With RJ Cortel’s help desk, you benefit from technical support during business hours, and by email via our engineering team 24/7. We consult, configure, and deploy, and you are ready to go!

Cloud-Based VoIP

RJ Cortel offers a system that gives businesses the power to harness the best of their teams through cloud based software. Regardless of your team’s location, they can access your platform through an internet connection. There are no additional charges for multi-location set ups, and absolutely no restrictions on where you can work; all you need is an Internet connected device.

Tailored to Your Requirements:

RJ Cortel offers solutions that are tailored to your individual requirements. No set packages that restrict you to a certain number of features or minutes. You can design your own packages to match your requirements and scale up as you require. Every user gets 2000 minutes to UK local and national landlines as standard, so many of the businesses we work with never pay anything else for their calls.

Features to Give Your Communication Processes a Boost!

A Virtual Communication Center

RJ Cortel’s Hosted VoIP for Business service has a virtual communication and command center. You can use any device of your choice and connect with your customers from anywhere in the world. You can communicate, access call data and manage routing on the go, or even on holiday.

Multiple Locations Supported:

Wondering how you can get a low cost communication solution for your offices in different locations? Worry no more! With our bespoke Hosted VoIP for Business packages, you pay for user licenses and can use the service in multiple locations and route calls to just about any device. In other words, you have control of how you deploy the package that you create. It couldn’t be simpler!

Voice and Data Combined

With RJ Cortel’s Hosted VoIP Business packages, you receive numerous features, including instant messaging, voicemail, call routing and so on. You have one command and control center for all your communication and data needs!

Low-Cost yet Top of the Line

Being the leader in the industry, RJ Cortel is well aware of the hassles and high prices businesses have traditionally had to go through in order to streamline their communications processes. Our services are the solutions to this challenge! You pay an appropriate fee and get an entire world of features. Why not compare our rates to other providers and check?

Scalable Communication Services:

Wondering if you need to take our entire suite of services? Good news! With RJ Cortel, you don’t have to pay for a package containing services you don’t really need. Only pay for services that you require at the moment.

What if your business grows and you need additional services later? We have covered that as well. You can upgrade your package or buy additional services anytime of the month. No restrictions whatsoever!

Enter the World of a Remote Office!

In today’s competitive business environment, having a remote office is essential for many businesses. Homeworking, offshoring and outsourcing are now part of the way businesses work. RJ Cortel provides you with a remote office, and you are able to access your communication center from anywhere in the world. Your data is saved on our servers and is kept 100 percent secure; with no downtime. Perform your business activities from anywhere in the world on just about any device you choose.

Call Routing Made Easier!

With RJ Cortel’s Hosted VoIP Business packages, you can set your routing preferences with ease. Whether you are on an active call, or you are away from the office and want to route the call to your mobile phone, you can perform these functions without any additional or hidden charges. Can’t enjoy your weekend because an important call is keeping you at work? Don’t worry – you can route the call to your house phone, smartphone, or even your laptop!

Receive and Send Voicemails!

Missed an important call and wondering whether you should visit the office to check the voicemail? No need! RJ Cortel has streamlined the voicemail service for you to ensure you never miss your voicemails. You can check the voicemails on our online portal from anywhere in the world, get voicemails as email attachments on your personal email, or use any phone to listen to your voicemail. No matter where you are, you are always connected to your customers!

24/7 Technical and Customer Support:

From consulting with you on the features you need, to working through the deployment of your new processes, RJ Cortel’s 24/7 email customer and technical support teams are here. Whether you want additional information on payment methods, want to customize a package or want to know how to set voicemail options, you can contact our technical support anytime, from anywhere! Our phone lines are manned from 9am-5pm, and our engineering resources take over support on email outside of these hours.

One-Stop-Shop for All Your Business Needs!

Whether you want to add users to your communication center, allow them to manage calls, adjust contact information or even call your contacts from outlook, our command center lets you do it all!

What Do You Get?

Our Hosted VoIP business solutions offer you the following features:

  • 2000 UK Local and National calls for free for each user!
  • Free IP Handsets from Polycom
  • Administrator portal to manage your users
  • Multiple locations supported
  • Cloud-based storage and operation
  • Voicemail and instant messaging facilities
  • Support for almost all smartphones on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
  • Customization to the portal for users and accounts
  • Network and invoice configuration and management
  • Analytics for network statistics and reports
  • 24/7 Technical and Customer Support by email to Keep You in Contact!

Why Choose RJ Cortel?

At RJ Cortel, we make it our priority to provide Hosted VoIP solutions that can enhance business communication processes, whilst keeping the telephone bill low. Our customized packages offer you the opportunity to use your communication center as your communication hub, from anywhere you choose to work.

With years of service in the telecoms industry, RJ Cortel is the UK’s number one Hosted VoIP business service provider and our customers’ testimonials highlight this fact! Join hands with us to take your internal and external corporate communications to the next level!

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