Hosted VoIP Benefits

A Plethora of Benefits with RJ Cortel’s Hosted VoIP Service!

Whether you are starting up a small business or you manage the telephony infrastructure for a large scale organization, the chances are you are struggling with your communication service (just like a reported 63% of the businesses in the UK). At RJ Cortel, we understand the importance of smooth and cost effective communication packages for businesses, and we provide solutions that are not only tailored to your specific needs but provide exceptional features and hosted VoIP benefits to create seamless internal and external communications.

There are many reasons that you may want to switch from your current communication service provider to RJ Cortel. Let’s take a look at a few:

  • You are looking for a more cost effective solutions that is scalable
  • You are looking for solutions that offers flexible features such as call routing, messaging and a central management dashboard
  • You are looking for solutions that can give you the freedom to connect with your clients from anywhere in the world

There could be a number of reasons why you want to switch from your current PBX provider. RJ Cortel has assisted thousands of its clients to improve their communication processes by moving to a Hosted VoIP service.

Here’s how RJ Cortel’s Hosted VoIP benefits can change the shape of your communication!

Cost Effective and Calculated:

Say farewell to unwanted telephone bills and enter the world of package payment. You pay a set amount every month to have access to a large library of communication features. Your expenses are controlled. In most circumstances our customers never pay for any call charges once they have moved to our Hosted/VoIP/SIP service, as we include 2000 free minutes to UK local and nation numbers. If your needs increase beyond this point you just up your package for even more cost effective communication.

Time and Cost Saving Applications:

When you sign up for our VoIP solutions, you get access to lots of our VoIP applications. Whether you are using a desktop computer or your mobile phone, our applications allow you to save, record, and use multiple communication features; all within the package price. No additional charges!

Scalable Solutions for Your Needs:

RJ Cortel’s Hosted VoIP solutions can be upgraded or downgraded any time your needs change. With the growth of your business, your communication needs will grow too. Why get stuck with services that are not scalable? With RJ Cortel, you can upgrade any time to ensure that your business needs are fully met.

Multiple Location Support:

RJ Cortel has carefully designed its Hosted VoIP services to ensure businesses with multiple locations have ease of access and use. You can access the Hosted VoIP service at each location and be communicating instantly. All locations will become part of your online network.

Simplistic Media Access Control:

Use our multimedia applications, such as instant messaging, from any location. You can even switch from one device to another during a call. Integrate with Outlook for one-click calling without the need to launch your telephone manually!

Easy Maintenance:

Don’t want the hassle of maintaining your PBX equipment or resources? Don’t worry – at RJ Cortel we take care of it. Since most of the hardware is at our facility, that maintenance and service work comes under our responsibility. For switches at your site, remote assistance, configuration changes and so on, you can take a monthly support package and know you are covered! If any on-site hardware is out of warranty when it goes wrong then we will replace it at cost price; if it is in warranty then the replacement is free of charge.

Reliable and Secure:

Every business wants a communication medium that is safe and reliable. Forget about crashing systems or calls dropping, our systems are backed on multiple servers, allowing us to provide 100 percent uptime day and night.

Disaster Recovery:

Whether it is a natural disaster or power outage, your data is always secured at our facility. Since it is a hosted service, all your data is saved on our servers. Data is continuously backed up so there is no fear of losing even a single KB of data.

Limitless Expansion:

Grow as much you want and your communication packages will grow with you. There’s no limit to the expansion you can make with RJ Cortel.

Customized Solutions – Ready to Go!

At RJ Cortel, we understand that every business is different. If you can’t find a package that suits you, contact our Hosted VoIP customer support experts and we will devise a package just for your requirements. Customized packages at market competitive prices – that’s a promise!

RJ Cortel is a leader in Hosted VoIP services in the UK. We have helped thousands of clients to understand the benefits of Hosted VoIP and to transition their organizations seamlessly on to this impressive technology. Your growth is our growth.

Get in touch today to find out how we can help you!

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