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Hosted VoIP Solutions

Welcome to RJ Cortel’s Hosted VoIP Solutions – Where we infuse new technology with communication to provide you with robust, cost effective solutions for all your business communication needs!

As a leader in the communication industry, RJ Cortel maximizes efficiency and minimized downtime for large and small businesses around the globe through its Hosted VoIP solutions. Our Hosted VoIP and PBX VoIP solutions are designed to give businesses upscale performance in communication with a wide range of multimedia features – all for a very competitive monthly fee. And there are a lot more benefits to it…

Hosted VoIP vs. Standard PBX Solutions:

Our Hosted VoIP solutions are carefully designed for businesses looking for all-inclusive communication systems that can offer control over telephone calls, voicemail, conferencing, mobile calls and even messaging. Our Hosted VoIP plans are feature rich, and cater to all of your business’ primary communication needs.

Online Portal – Your Command & Control Center

At RJ Cortel, we totally understand the need to have a one-stop-dashboard for all your communication needs. Whether you are working from the office, or anywhere around the world, our online portal gives you 100 percent access to all of our VoIP features, such as outbound and inbound calls, call routing and messaging. Consider it your ‘Command and Control Center’ that you can use to connect with your customers from anywhere in the world!

Low Cost and Hassle-Free!

Unlike traditional PBX solutions, our Hosted VoIP system is entirely cloud based, which means you don’t invest a fortune in different equipment, maintenance and storage. You simply create your own package and choose how many user licenses you need, and we will set up the system. On new sites we install an assured connection to guarantee the quality of the service you receive. You even get a free Polycom VVX410 business handset.

Why Choose RJ Cortel’s Hosted VoIP Solutions?

Our feature rich Hosted VoIP Solutions come with a plethora of features. We provide you with a powerful, proven, versatile command and control center that takes care of all of your communication needs.

Send & Receive Messages – Anywhere, Anytime!

Whether you are on the go, or in your office, you have access to your messages through your devices. Check your voicemails, and reply instantly from anywhere, anytime! You can send and receive instant messages even when you are on a live call!

Ultimate Control & Management of Communication

Control where your calls go and how they are received. Find logs and recordings easily to perform a quality check on your team. You can even route your calls to multiple points in different locations.

Administration and Control

Manage your address book, record calls, set personal preferences and route calls to your personal phone out of office hours; you have complete control over your communications; complete control over your interactions.

Choose Your Devices – No Lines Barred!

Whether you are heading out to a meeting, or you are staying late at work, you can make and receive calls, send and receive messages and even perform conferencing functions on any of your chosen devices. You can even switch your devices when you are on a call. Rushing for a meeting but can’t cancel a client call? No problem. Receive the call and route it to your mobile phone. Sound convenient enough?

Integrate Multiple Platforms

Comfortable with using Outlook and want to integrate your phone system with it? Simple. Integrate our platform into your Outlook and utilize our one click dialing functionality to save time, and create a seamless communication flow. Want to use your desktop to make and receive calls? Install the software on your system and you are ready to go! You can even use our Polycom handset to manage calls. Our service is designed to make your business life convenient.

Scalable Solutions to Meet YOUR Needs

Your communication needs may grow exponentially as your business progresses. Our Hosted VoIP packages can be upgraded at any time. Our packages are bespoke and completely versatile to fit your business now and in the future.

Ready to find out more? We thought so. Get in touch with our 24/7 Customer Support Team to discuss your requirements and get a quote.

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