Hosted Telephone Numbers

The Benefits of Using RJ Cortel’s Hosted Telephone Numbers

Over the years, RJ Cortel has provided top of the line Hosted PBX and VoIP services to its clients within UK. We are a trusted and reliable partner in enhancing your communication platforms with innovation and technology. From hosted PBX services to hosted telephone numbers, we provide you everything and anything possible to make sure your business never lags behind in terms of communication.

Why Choose RJ Cortel for Hosted Telephone Numbers?

The benefits of hosted telephone numbers over standard telephone numbers are manifold, from being low-cost to being equipped with multiple organizational features. Our hosted telephone numbers will not only be flexible but they will also equip your business with the best tools to leave an impression on your customers. With the ability to present any local area code from within the UK you could have a London number but be based in Glasgow, the options are endless.
Here are the top 5 benefits of using RJ Cortel’s Hosted Telephone numbers.

Easy to Set up and Run:

First and foremost, our telephone numbers are easy to set up on any device of your choosing. Since our hosted telephone service is run via VoIP, you can use our software on any device or hardware to start calling your prospects. This means that there is no need to buy additional hardware or phones. You can use your current PBX telephone, computer, laptop or even smartphone to start using our services right away.

Your In-House Call Center:

There are multiple features that our hosted telephone numbers provide, such as auto call attendants, call routing and the like. You can use the skill-based routing to connect your customers to the relevant department or you can use the auto-answering feature during busy hours to manage customers. There are enough features to make sure your internal and external communication runs smoothly.

Scalable and Flexible Solutions:

One of the major benefits of signing up with RJ Cortel is that all our packages are flexible and scalable. We provide bespoke packages, which means every customer gets a customized package based on their requirements. You select the features you want to use and only pay for those. No additional payments and no hidden charges!

Multiple Users Supported:

Don’t want to purchase multiple numbers for your organization? Don’t worry – with us you can create and manage as many users as you require per number. This means that your entire sales force can use the same number without any hassle or extra charges.

Multiple Locations Supported:

Unlike others, we don’t charge you for using the same number on multiple locations. You are free to use the number on as many devices as you want: whether you are on holiday or on the go, you can use our hosted telephone numbers from any location.

Sign Up Today and Enter a World of Opportunities

Get started with our hosted telephone numbers today and give your business the boost it needs. Our unified communication suite has all the tools and features to ensure your large or small business never lags behind with communication.

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