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Make Your Business Phone Systems Smarter and More Efficient

Welcome to RJ Cortel – where we provide you with revolutionary and innovative PBX phone systems to make your business communication less hectic and smarter than ever before! With years in the industry, offering cost effective yet innovative PBX phone systems, RJ Cortel is your ultimate pick when it comes to equipping your business with PBX phone systems that can take your internal and external communication to the next level.

Understand the Importance of PBX Phone Systems:

PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a private telephone network that is set up within a company for internal call routing. You can communicate within your company, with other employees, or externally, with your customers. However, traditional PBX phone systems are quite expensive which is why their use is traditionally limited to huge corporations. What if we told you we offer a highly cost-effective PBX phone system that will cost you only a fraction of your standard phone line bill? Yes. At RJ Cortel, we offer PBX phone systems that use cloud-based datacenters and VoIP to enhance the quality of service while reducing the cost.

RJ Cortel’s Hosted PBX Phone Systems:

RJ Cortel’s revolutionary PBX phone systems have given various businesses the power to communicate effectively, be it internal communication or external communication. Unlike others, our systems are not hardware dependent, which means you can use your current desktop system, laptop, or even your mobile phone to start using our PBX phone system. This out right eliminates the cost of buying new hardware and phones to switch to our PBX phone systems, however we will also provide you with a Polycom VVX410 business handset completely free of charge.

The Benefits of Switching to RJ Cortel’s PBX Phone Systems:

At RJ Cortel, we make sure that our customers get highly efficient and effective PBX phone systems. From being highly flexible to being completely scalable, our hosted PBX packages are second to none.

Here are some of the major benefits you get when you start using our PBX phone systems:

No Additional Network, Hardware, Software and Equipment Required:

With our PBX phone systems, you get to use our software and your existing local computer network for your internal telephony. This way, you don’t have to invest in any additional telephony (new handsets provided free of charge), hardware or software of any kind. Our software is covered in the package so you don’t have to pay for that either. Since we use VoIP for all our PBX phone systems, you don’t even have to worry about setting up local networks unless you want to.

100 Percent Scalable Solutions:

Unlike any other PBX phone systems provider in the UK, RJ Cortel offers bespoke packages. When you sign up you only pay for the features you truly want to use. Our platform offers a plethora of features and solutions such as email integration with Outlook, voice calling, instant messaging, auto routing, skill based routing, and a lot more. You select the services you want to go for and only pay for those. You don’t have to pay for services you are not really using.
Moreover, as your business grows, you can upgrade your package anytime. You are not bound by any contract to complete a certain package cycle before upgrading. Whenever you want, we upgrade your package as you may need. In other words, your communication grows with your business.

Auto and Skill-Based Call Routing:

Once onboard with us, you won’t feel the need of paying sales reps and secretaries to do the job that our system automates for you. Our platform offers skill-based routing, which means your customer can select the department or employee they want to speak to and they will be automatically routed towards it. The system reduces the need to spend additional costs on human resources when all of these and other tasks can be seamlessly automated.

Support for Multiple Devices and Locations:

With our PBX Phone Systems you use IP protocols for communication. You won’t need additional numbers for different locations since you can use our platform practically from multiple locations. Once you pay for the package, you are free to use it from anywhere you want.
Similarly, the platform can also be used on multiple devices. We provide support for iOS, Android, Windows, Linux and Mac.

Multiple User Accounts:

With our Hosted PBX phone systems, you can practically run your in-house call center. We offer support for as many user accounts as you require on a single package, which means you don’t have to face additional costs to have new users installed. You can add as many users you want and manage them through the admin area. Moreover, you even get call monitoring and call logs to evaluate your staff’s performance.

Get Started Today! Make Your Communication More Effective While Cutting Down on Phone Bills!

Starting with us is simple – simply get in touch with our tech support and register your requirements. We provide bespoke packages based on your requirements. Once you are onboard with us, you can start benefitting from the power of PBX phone systems.

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