Hosted Telephone Solutions

Your Business Needs a Cost-Effective, Feature-Rich and Robust Communication Platform!

Welcome to RJ Cortel, where we have the ideal hosted telephone solutions for your business. With more than a decade of experience in providing hosted telephones solutions within the UK, RJ Cortel has earned the trust and respect of thousands of customers by assisting them in reaching their communication goals. We provide high-end hosted telephone solutions that are reliable and highly secure, along with being completely scalable and flexible.

Why Choose RJ Cortel’s Hosted Telephone Solutions?

With years of experience in the industry, RJ Cortel is the leading hosted telephone solution provider. We understand that every business has different communication needs and we adjust our services accordingly. We provide bespoke packages, catering to your individual requirements. Our platform comes with numerous features. You can select the ones you want to use and create your own customize package. Unlike other providers, we don’t bind you to a certain package. Our packages are completely flexible and scalable. You can upgrade, downgrade or add features any time you want.

A Unified Communication Platform:

Our communication platform offers unified communication, which means you get voice and messaging facilities all in one. We use VoIP to run our telephony services, which means the cost is significantly lower than your standard telephone service; while the features are extensive.

Multiple Users Supported:

You don’t have to pay for a pre-determined amount of users working with our hosted telephone solutions, you simply pay for however many users you really need. All of your users can use the same number, even simultaneously.

Hardware and Software Freedom:

With our Hosted Telephone solutions you will receive a Polycom VVX 410 business handset per user completely free of charge. Our platform also supports multiple devices such as smartphones, computers, laptops, and even tablets. Windows, Max, Linux, iOS and Android are supported. This means you don’t have to heavily invest in any equipment when dealing with us.
Similarly, there is no hardware and software requirement to use our hosted telephone solutions. Since all the services are provided through our cloud-based datacenters, hardware and software installation and maintenance is our headache.

Multiple Locations Supported:

With our top of the line hosted telephone solutions, you don’t have to limit yourself to one location. You can use the same package for as many locations as you want. There are no additional or hidden charges for switching places.

Other Features:

Our hosted telephone solutions provide a plethora of features to make it easier for you to manage your internal and external communication. From skill-based call routing to auto answering, you can set up the system as according to your needs. You can even monitor live calls and get call recordings for evaluation purposes. No need to pay your hard earned cash to sales reps! Our platform automates the function for you!

Getting Started with Our Hosted Telephone Solutions:

Want to switch to RJ Cortel’s hosted telephone solutions? It’s simple and hassle-free. Sign up today and get in touch with our tech support. Once we receive your requirements, we create a bespoke package and start with the setup, welcome to your future proofed telephony service!

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