Secure and Reliable with 100 Percent Uptime Hosted Telephone Service

Welcome to RJ Cortel – where we provide you with exceptional hosted telephone services to make sure your business never lags behind with its communication. RJ Cortel is the leading hosted telephone provider in the region, with decades of servicing experience and thousands of satisfied customers. We have assisted thousands of our clients in achieving their communication goals through our highly secure and always online-hosted telephone services. With us, you face no downtime on servers, get exceptional voice quality and have a unified communication suite to fulfill all your requirements!

Revolutionize Your Business Communication with the Unmatched Features:

With years of experience in the industry and thousands of satisfied customers, we know exactly what businesses are looking for. Scalability, flexibility and ease of use are the major benefits alongside owning a platform that provides you with enough features to get going and keep pushing forwards.

Freedom of Hardware, Software and Equipment:

Wondering what phone needs to be used with our hosted telephony? Not sure how much to invest in the equipment? Worry no more! With RJ Cortel’s Hosted Telephone services, you don’t need to invest in handsets or any other equipment. Firstly, our package offers you a free PBX telephone. Moreover, you can use any device you want such as your computer, smartphone, laptop or even tablet to run our software. We provide IP based telephony services, which gives you the flexibility to use it on any device possible.
Note that our software supports Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android.

Low-Cost, Flexible and Scalable:

What if we tell you that our hosted telephony will cost you only a fraction of your current phone bill but it will offer a plethora of features that your current system does not? From automated call routing to auto responders and much more, our platform is equipped with enough features, such as Outlook Email integration, voice calls, and so on, to give your business communication the boost it needs.
Moreover, we provide bespoke packages, which means our packages are devised as per your requirements and not the other way around. You have the freedom of selecting the features you want to use and upgrade your package anytime. A completely hassle-free service that can be upgraded or downgraded as and when you need!

Multiple Users, Locations and Devices Supported:

You can use our system to make your customer service efficient by creating multiple users and assigning them roles. You can monitor live calls, receive call recordings, and much more! With our platform, you can build your very own in-house call center without any additional charges. You can create up to as many users as you require per account.
Our services also allow you to use the same phone number for multiple locations. No additional charges!

Get Started with RJ Cortel Today

Wondering how to get started? It’s easy – simply get in touch with our tech support and let them know your requirements. They will create a package according to your requirements and send it back you for approval, along with a quotation. Once approved, the engineering team will be on hand get you on your way to use our robust and future proofed communication platform.

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