Hosted PBX Features to Cater for ALL of Your Business Telephony requirements

RJ Cortel provides Hosted PBX solutions with exceptional voice quality, zero downtime, cloud backup and a plethora of other features! Our (chosen) Hosted PBX Solution has been leading the market for several years now in terms of flexibility, scalability and affordability. With thousands of happy customers relying on our products, we leave no stone unturned to ensure that your business has the communications solutions it requires.

Low cost, highly efficient and highly flexible solutions built around you!

What Makes Our Solutions so Special?

RJ Cortel understands that each business has its individual requirements. Unlike most other providers, we don’t force you to take a package with services that you don’t really need or want. Instead, we offer you the option of creating your own package; cherry picking the features that your business needs. That’s right! You get to pick from a long list of features.

Wondering what those features are? Well, is some of what we have to offer:


Our platform comes integrated with a multi-level auto-attendant system allowing you to direct callers to different departments or agents. Your customers won’t have to wait for an operator.

Business Hours Management:

You can set the hours in which customers can reach your company’s agents. You can even create different responses for different times of the day.

Call Blocking:

Block your caller ID from being displayed on other people’s phones. You can mask the caller ID for your privacy.

Caller ID:

Needless to say, our platform offers you caller ID so you know who is calling before you answer.

Call Forwarding:

Our platform allows you to easily forward a call to your mobile phone, laptop or any other regular phone. This is one of the best benefits of using our Hosted PBX solutions. Whether you are on holiday or at an urgent meeting, you will never lose a customer because you are out of the office. Divert the call to your personal phone when you are away!

Call Labels:

The feature lets your agents see the department a product caller has selected to reply appropriately.

Call Monitoring:

Easily monitor calls for quality assurance or training purposes. You or any other designated person can monitor the calls any given time.

Call Parking:

This feature allows your agents to park the call (similar to holding) in a virtual location and let another agent receive it later.

Call Recording:

If you want to monitor the calls later for quality assurance purposes, call recording is the feature you need. If this is an important option for you, you can store your data for as long as you want and download your recordings to any PC.

Company Phone Directory:

Set up a company-wide phone directory for your agents to view names and numbers.

Multiple Location Support:

Use a single number for all the offices you have in a region. No need to pay for multiple numbers.

User Management:

Manage the users in the office via the portal by assigning them different roles or time slots to receive calls.

Dial-by-Name Directory:

Customers can find employees by entering the employee’s first or last name. Customers will be transferred to the employee directly.

Direct Dial Customers:

If you want to allow your customers to directly reach your agents, you can do so by assigning the customer’s number to your employee’s ID. If the employee is away, the customer will be able to leave a voicemail.


Receive voicemails on your chosen device and on your email messages. Never miss out on a voicemail message.

Employee Status Indicators:

Employee status monitoring allows you to monitor whether an employee is idle or busy. In addition, it will also allow the system to detect which agent to transfer the call to.


Whether you are on the run to an important meeting or you are at home, you can transfer the calls to your personal mobile or other phones. Similarly, if a customer wants to talk to an agent who is not available, you can transfer the call to his or her mobile.

More Features:

There are multiple diverse features that you can integrate in your package. With RJ Cortel, Hosted PBX solutions are designed around you. We give you the flexibility to choose what you need and only pay for that. No additional costs!

Get in touch with our customer service experts today to create your package and get going!

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