Hosted PBX

Innovation and Excellence of Engineering at its Best – RJ Cortel’s Cloud PBX Reduces Operational Costs Whilst Driving More Effective Communication

RJ Cortel’s Hosted PBX is a step ahead of standard PBX solutions. With multiple features to make call management easier and more effective, RJ Cortel’s PBX Solution is a premium quality, fully-featured Hosted PBX that reduces your business’ communication costs, adds flexibility and drives engagement.

Unlike other providers in the industry, we provide customized packages, designed to your individual requirements. You can select the features you want! Our system is easy to set up and requires minimal hardware at your premises. All hardware and software maintenance and updates are taken care of at our end.

Scalable and Customized Solutions Designed for Your Needs:

When it comes to Hosted PBX not all solutions are created equally. Some businesses require multiple location support, whilst others require multiple device support; some need both. At RJ Cortel, we understand that each business has its own unique requirements and that these requirements can change over time. Therefore, we offer you solutions that are tailored specifically to your needs; solutions that can be tweaked, and that are highly scalable. This means that you can add and subtract features as your needs change. If your business faces new demands you can easily add new features or to the package. Buy anytime you want! No restrictions! No hidden charges!

Features for All:

We have a long list of features including call routing, user management, instant messaging, email integration with Outlook, and so on. Our features are designed to make your life easier. Features are not restricted to a certain hardware or location. Anyone and everyone can select any feature from the list and add it to their package.

Easy to Set Up and Functional User Interface:

One of the key considerations with cloud PBX systems is that they must be easy to install and even easier to use. Our systems tick both boxes! Our system is up and running fast and allows you to access all the features through a user friendly interface.

Call Monitoring and Management Made Easier:

Want to monitor your sales team or train them? Our call monitoring features give you the functionality to listen to live calls without any interference being heard by the other parties. You can even train your team members while they are on the call. Similarly, you can assign caller IDs, numbers, or use search by username or ID features so that customers can find their relevant agents easily.

Multiple Locations and Devices Supported:

RJ Cortel’s cutting edge platform can be used on multiple devices, such as tablets, laptops, desktops, mobiles and by our free of charge Polycom phones. Our platform supports multiple Operating Systems including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux. You can run the system on your mobile phone just as easily as you would on your laptop.

You can also use a single number for multiple locations. You don’t have to buy a new number to be used at a fixed location. You can even manage your hours so that you receive calls at the right place at the right time.

Cloud Datacenters:

All your data is stored in our cloud datacenter. If you want the data to be stored for extended periods of time, you can ask for the facility and it will be provided. In event of any disaster at your premise, all your data is secure and can be accessed anywhere, anytime, provided you have an internet connection. Your data is backed up 24/7 so there is no way you can lose it!

Low-Cost Solutions to Fit Your Budget:

Our Hosted PBX solutions are up to 80 percent cheaper than traditional telephony systems. In addition, our systems are completely tailored and scalable, making cost management easier than ever before.

How to Get Started?

Impressed? Ready to find our more? Then speak to one of our customer support experts to discuss your requirements.

We will provide you with a custom plan for your business along with a quote. After you decide to move forward, set up is extremely fast in telecoms terms. On new sites we set up an assured data connection to ensure you get the best possible service and then you are ready to communicate with your customers and team members more efficiently than ever before.

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