RJ Cortel’s Hosted PBX for Business – Enhancing Productivity and Reliability through More Effective Communication Strategies

RJ Cortel is the leader in the provision of exceptional Hosted PBX solutions to business. Over the years, we have assisted thousands of businesses in reducing their overall telecoms bill, whilst increasing their productivity, through the implementation of a user-friendly, secure, cloud-based PBX business communication system.

Understand Hosted PBX and Its Uses:

PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a business communication system where all the features are installed at a certain location. PBX has been in the market for quite some time, but, recently, it has risen to a new level of functionality and versatility by connecting to the Cloud. Today, traditional PBX has largely lost its appeal for most businesses and has given way to Hosted PBX, a system where all the hardware and solutions are provided through a Cloud Data Center. This means that our customers don’t have to pay for the hardware or maintenance of equipment. All you need to pay is the service that you use and for any fixes to switches and the other minimal amounts hardware at your location; and only if it is out of warranty!

In addition, Hosted PBX by RJ Cortel is delivered through an assured connection, so is highly reliable and secure, and your data is constantly backed up at on our advanced servers. Our PBX for business solutions are offered on a customized, bespoke basis! You can select the features you want, and only pay for those features. PBX telephony is now available to all businesses, small, medium and large.

What Benefits Do You Get with Our Hosted PBX for Business Solutions?

There are numerous benefits that our customers enjoy when they deploy our Hosted VoIP solutions. Here are just a few of them:

Market Leading Prices and Features:

From analytics to automatic call routing and even free autoresponders, our features are comprehensive, yet they come at extremely competitive price points. Moreover, unlike many other providers, RJ Cortel believes in providing businesses with flexibility and independence. With us you only pay for the features you use. You don’t buy a certain package and become bound to pay for features you don’t ever require. We consult with you to create your own package to fit your business exactly.

Simple User Licenses:

A big advantage of choosing RJ Cortel’s Hosted PBX Solutions is that you can pay for as many user licenses as you require.  You don’t pay a price for 6-10 licenses or 50-100. You pay for the number of licenses you use, and each user receives 2000 UK local and national landline minutes per month for free.

You Don’t Invest in the Equipment:

As mentioned earlier, with our Hosted PBX business packages, you don’t have to invest in the hardware and software. You simply pay for the service you use and we take care of the hardware and software maintenance and upgrades. We also offer a paid support plan where you can access our experts for configurations and any on-site hardware issues. Although there is minimal on-site hardware there will be switches etc.

Easy Call Routing and Management:

With our solutions call routing and management are easier than ever before. In fact, you can automate call routing by assigning roles and extensions to your team members. Your customers will not have to wait for the operator anymore. Automated call routing will transfer the call to the relevant department or person. If you are out on the go, the call can even be routed to your mobile phone. You don’t have to miss your customers anymore!

Data in the Cloud:

Cloud Data Centers mean you don’t have to worry about disasters and data recovery costs. All your data is stored in our cloud datacenter, and we keep it safe and secure. You can access it from anywhere in the world. You can download voice recordings and store them in your own secure server too.

A Feature Rich Platform:

Our platform comes with a plethora of features, such as Outlook integration for one click dialing, instant messaging, call forwarding, call routing and much more. Every feature is just a click away!

Management and Analytics for Performance Measuring:

With our Hosted PBX for business platform, you can easily monitor the calls of your team members and customers. Calls can be recorded and all data stored in our secure cloud data center. You can log into the system and start monitoring the calls from your, computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

 Customized Packages:

No other provider in the industry offers the level of customization that we offer. We are a truly bespoke PBX business provider. You create your own package, based on your requirements, and pay us according to the services being used. You can upgrade the package anytime you want with new features and usage limits. Our goal is to provide you with what you need now, and an easily scalable solution to grow with your business.

How to Get Started?

In order to get started with our services, simply contact our customer service team and explain your business set up and what you need. We will consult with you to create a suitable package. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and take the first step towards a PBX business solution that is built around YOU!

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