Benefits of Using RJ Cortel’s Hosted PBX Solutions

Over the years, traditional telephone services seem to have become more expensive yet less able to meet the evolving demands of businesses. The emergence of IP based telephony and cloud services have combined to provide your business with a way to increase the efficiency of your communication processes, whilst saving money.

Today, with RJ Cortel’s Hosted PBX services, businesses can enjoy a plethora of game-changing features: such as call routing, call management, free calls, and cost effective, portable, multi-location telephony deployment; with a bespoke package created for your business. At RJ Cortel the PBX Benefits we offer have opened a world of opportunities for businesses that are looking to improve their communication strategies, whilst reducing their bills. We can do the same for you!

Here are some of the key PBX benefits that our customers enjoy:

Dramatically Reduced Hardware and Servicing Costs:

If you said to telecoms professionals 15 years ago that one day you wouldn’t have to invest in phone hardware anymore, they might have looked at you blankly. That’s exactly what we make a reality. With our Hosted PBX services, you don’t have to invest a single penny in any telephone device, network of infrastructure or staff to manage the resources. All you need to do is to integrate our platform in your communications processes. In fact, we even provide you with a free Polycom handsets for each user.

One of the big benefits of our PBX solutions is that you are not tied to a phone, you can communicate from various devices, and on just about any operating system.

Moreover, most of the software and hardware is managed at our premises and our cloud data center, which means you don’t have to pay for any maintenance or updates. We do it all for you so that you can get on with growing your business. For the small amount of hardware at your site you can take a support plan, for a monthly fee. This will also cover your technical support.

Integration for Mobile and Other Devices

With RJ Cortel’s Hosted PBX solutions, you can easily integrate the platform in your mobile phone or laptop to stay connected with your customers or team members even when you are on the go. Our platform supports Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux. Any device…anywhere in the world!

Better Customer Experience:

With our Hosted PBX solutions, you have the capability to provide a better support experience to your customers worldwide. Since call routing and transfers can be automated as well as manual, you can easily transfer or route the calls to your personal device if you are not in the office. Similarly, you can opt for automated responses if you don’t want to be disturbed. Your customers will always get a reply regardless of where you are!

Analytics for Monitoring:

We believe in giving you complete management visibility. So, we deliver comprehensive analytics via our platform. This means that you can easily analyse the minutes spent on calls, number of calls and much more. You can upgrade or downgrade your package accordingly if you feel the service provision is not appropriate.

Scalability and Flexibility:

Most businesses fear investing in communication systems thinking they might be overspending. With RJ Cortel’s Hosted PBX solutions, you are always in control of your telecoms overheads. You can upgrade your package in line with your business’ growth. When you feel your staff and customers require more, you can upgrade. There are no restrictions. We offer truly flexible scalability here at RJ Cortel!

Multiple Locations Supported:

Have offices in multiple areas and don’t want to bear the cost of installing communication systems in each office? Worry no more! With us, you pay for licenses for your users and can route calls to different locations. We can also set up assured connections in different locations.

Interactive Voice Recording and Call Queuing:

Never miss a customer’s call again! Our Hosted PBX technology benefits from advanced features to improve the versatility of the solution. Your customers can be easily routed to the next available operator, or to the relevant department through call queuing. If operators are busy, they can get an automated response to ensure they always receive an interaction.

Multilayered Monitoring and Control:

Don’t want to assign all the features to every user? Don’t worry – with our Hosted PBX platform, you can choose the features you want to assign to your users. You will always be in control.

Easy Quality Assurance and Monitoring:

Want to monitor the way your agents interact with customers? Or maybe you want to check your customers’ response towards a certain campaign? Calls can be recorded for training and monitoring purposes, and to ensure PCI Compliance, and the logs can be saved on our secure cloud servers for remote access anytime in the future. You can download recordings and store them as long as you want.

Disaster Recovery:

Since the service is not based at your premises, you don’t have to worry about losing your data or hardware. If there is a natural disaster, or another potentially catastrophic business event, your data is always secure in our Cloud Data Center. If you don’t want to head to the office, you can sit at home, log into our system and start interacting with your customers.

How to Get Started?

Getting the PBX benefits with RJ Cortel is easier than ever before. We offer completely customized packages. Simply get in touch with our customer service team and discuss your requirements. We will create a package that is designed to meet your needs. We offer the perfect hosted PBX package for your business, and, in some circumstance, can get you going within 24 hours.

Note: We will provide a Polycom handset for each user completely FREE of charge when you sign up! Don’t miss out on this offer! Call us today and enter the flexible, scalable, versatile, cost effective world of Hosted PBX solutions; give your business the communications boost it needs!

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