Hosted PBX VoIP

Unmatched Features with Exceptional Call Quality

RJ Cortel provides Hosted PBX VoIP services to ensure businesses are able to reach their communication goals with ease. Our hosted services are geared towards equipping your large or small business with all the communication assistance it requires to flourish. Being the leader in the industry and having served hundreds of clients within the UK, RJ Cortel stands as a trusted and reliable hosted PBX VoIP provider.

What Do You Get?


Once you sign up for our Hosted PBX VoIP service, you enter a world of unmatched call quality and unparalleled features. You get the opportunity of cutting down your communication cost to almost 10 percent of your standard phone bills while utilizing features that you cannot find elsewhere.

Here are some of the major features of our Hosted PBX VoIP service:




With our platform in place, you won’t have the need of paying a secretary or sales rep to answer, route, or transfer calls. You can use the built-in feature to set up call attendance and transfer. Our platform also offers skill-based routing allowing customers to select the department they wish to speak to. All of this and a lot more!


Business Hours Applications:


You can even set timings on which your customer can reach certain agents or departments. In addition, you can create multiple responses in accordance with the time of the day.


Unified Communication Suite:


With our Hosted PBX and VoIP solutions, you won’t feel the need of using different providers for voice, and data services. Our platform allows you to integrate with Outlook for quick calls, make and receive voice calls and send and receive instant messages. It is a one-stop-shop for all your communication needs.


Scalable Solutions:


We understand that business can face ups and downs every now and then. This is the reason why we provide flexibility and scalability with our solutions. This means that you can upgrade or downgrade your package anytime you want without any additional charges. Unlike most providers, we don’t hold you to a certain time period before you can change your package.


Safe and Reliable Cloud Datacenter:


Another major benefit of our Hosted PBX VoIP service is that your data is stored in our cloud datacenter. This way, regardless of the damage your office and systems may sustain during a catastrophic event, you can access your data through any device, from anywhere in the world, using our platform.

Support for Multiple Devices and Locations:


You don’t have to buy any special hardware or equipment to get started with our Hosted PBX VoIP services. We will provide you with a Polycom VVX 410 business handset per user; you can also use your computer, laptop or even your smartphone to start using our platform. Our software supports Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and Linux.


In addition, unlike most providers, we don’t charge you for using our platform through multiple locations. You can use our system in as many offices as you like, increasing the users you have on the platform can be done almost immediately.


Multiple Users Supported:


Depending upon your package, you can create multiple users and monitor their progress through the admin panel. You can even monitor live calls or record calls for evaluation purposes and see monthly and weekly reports for your users. In other words, you have a complete solution to set up your very own in-house call center!


Why Choose Us?


RJ Cortel is the most trusted name when it comes to Hosted PBX VoIP solution providers. Getting started with us is easy. Simply get in touch with our tech support and state your requirements. We will create a package customized for your requirements. Once you sign up we can start to get things underway bringing you onto the most future proofed system currently available.

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