Hosted PBX Telephone

A Unified Communication Service to Make Your Business Communication More Efficient

Want to enhance your internal and external communication without a hefty price tag? Looking forward to manage multiple tasks through a simple phone system? Want to ensure your customers are being connected to the right department? If you’ve answered yes to all these questions then RJ Cortel’s Hosted PBX Telephone solution is for you!

What is Hosted PBX Telephone?

PBX refers to private branch exchange. It is a system of telephony where multiple phones are linked to one number for internal call routing and switching. The term ‘hosted’ added to PBX means that the entire system is managed on a cloud datacenter, or virtual datacenter, without any hardware or software requirement from the customer. This makes our Hosted PBX telephone system ideal for corporations and businesses looking forward to upgrade their communication systems while downgrading the cost. Believe it or not, our Hosted PBX telephone service costs only a chunk of your standard telephone bills yet it offers unmatched features and exceptional voice quality.

5 Reasons to Switch to RJ Cortel’s Hosted PBX Telephone Today…

RJ Cortel has been providing Hosted PBX telephone solutions for decades to its clients. We are the leading solution provider offering the best of both worlds: PBX and VoIP services. Here are the top 5 reasons as to why you should switch to our services today:

Unified Communication Suite:

First and foremost, your Hosted PBX telephone system is a unified communication solution that offers you voice and instant message communication services. You can integrate with Outlook for one-click dialing, make and receive voice calls, send and receive instant messages, and a lot more. You can even set up automatic or skill-based call routing.

Scalable and Flexible:

With our Hosted PBX solution, you have the freedom and flexibility of using any device you want. Our software supports Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. This way, you can install the software on your smartphone, computer, laptop or even your tablet and stay connected with your customers whether you are in the office, on holiday, or on the go!

In addition, we offer bespoke packages that are scalable anytime you want. As your business grows, so do your communication requirements and you can upgrade your package on any given day. You can create packages that suit your requirements and keep upgrading them as you progress. No hassle of sticking to a plan you never actually wanted in the first place!

Multiple Users, Locations, and Devices Supported!

Best of all – our packages are meant to make communication easier and more economical for you. You can create as many users as you require and manage them through the admin panel. Whether you want to set up an in-house call center or you want your secretary to handle calls for you, simply create the users and you’re ready to go!
Similarly, you don’t have to pay additional charges when you are using the system in multiple offices. You can create as many users as you need on one account and they are authorized to use the platform from wherever they want. There are no hidden or additional charges on using the system from multiple locations.
Lastly, you can use our software on any mobile hardware you want. Your employees to bring their own devices, or you can use the Polycom business handsets that we will provide you with free of charge. The decision is yours!

Call Routing and Auto-Answering Made Easier!

Don’t spend your hard earned cash on training and maintaining sales reps. With our Hosted PBX telephone system, you can set up auto-answering or call routing within minutes. When customers call, they can simply use the skill-based routing system or extension system to connect to the relevant department.

Multiple Features to Make Your Communication Effective:

Call monitoring, call routing, multiple users and a lot of other features are included in the package. You can monitor the performance of your sales reps through the call monitoring and recording function and you can even route calls to your personal phone. There are numerous features that our platform offers to make sure your communication is as effective as it should be.

How to Get Started?

Impressed yet? Wait no longer! Sign up today and one of our experts will get in touch to understand your requirements. Once we have your requirements, we create a custom package for you. Set up is a quick and easy process and will future proof your telephony for many years to come.

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