Revolutionize Your Business Communication with Our Hosted PBX Systems

Welcome to RJ Cortel, where we use technology to give your communication the boost it requires. We offer Cost effective yet highly functional VoIP and PBX packages that can change the face of your business communication! For more than a decade, RJ Cortel has been delivering VoIP and PBX solutions to its customers, ensuring that they are equipped with the right tools when communicating internally and externally.
Our Hosted PBX phone systems open a world of opportunities for you. Whether you want support for multiple locations or you want auto call routing, our unified PBX systems provide you with everything and anything that you need to take your business communication to the next level.

What is a PBX Phone System?

Traditionally, PBX refers to private branch exchange. Previously, PBX used to refer to a telephone system that would enable users to switch calls internally and externally. In the past, a PBX used to be quite an expensive measure to adopt since each number purchased had additional costs and each call dialed added another zero to your phone bill. Now, times have changed and so has the concept of the PBX.

Welcome to Hosted PBX by RJ Cortel

Hosted PBX functions in the same way as a standard PBX system with a major difference: you don’t use standard telephony but VoIP services to make and receive calls. This one change takes the entire concept of the PBX to the next level, simply because it reduces the money you will be spending on PBX.
IP based PBX systems by RJ Cortel are highly economical and at the same time they offer a bundle of features. Most of all, IP based phone systems give you a unified communication platform, which means your instant message and voice communication are combined into one package. You pay a fraction of a traditional phone bill due the nature of the system. It’s convenient, cost-effective and a highly efficient communication medium.

What are the Benefits of RJ Cortel’s PBX Systems?

When you sign up with RJ Cortel, you partner with an organization that values the time and resources of its customers. Therefore, over the years, we have strived to provide strategic communication solutions to our clients to not just make communication a breeze but to ensure it makes their job as easy as possible.
Here are some of the benefits you get when you sign up with our PBX systems:

No Hardware, Software and Equipment Restriction:

What if we said that you don’t need to buy additional hardware such as phones or systems to start using our services? That’s right! At RJ Cortel, we understand how important it is for a business to save on as many expenses possible; therefore, our software or platform does not require any specific hardware to work with. You can use your current computer, laptop, tablet or even your smartphone to start using our platform and as an added bonus we will even provide you with a free Polycom business handset for your desk. We don’t bind you to follow any hardware requirements so you are free to use whatever is best for your business. This gives great flexibility for the future as well. When your business grows, you don’t have to buy hardware for every employee you hire!

A One-Stop-Shop for All Your Communication Needs:

With RJ Cortel’s platform, you can add extra communication tools such as Outlook email integration for fast calls, voice and instant messaging. With our skill-based routing and auto routing features, customers are easily connected to the relevant department. Our unified communication platform takes care of all your communication needs.

Multiple Locations and Multiple Devices Supported:

Best of all – RJ Cortel’s PBX phone systems allow you to communicate via any device. Whether it is your smartphone or your desktop computer, you can set up our software on any device and start using it. We support iOS, Windows, Mac, Android and Linux.
In addition, there are no extra costs to use our software in multiple offices. We don’t bind you to use the software in just one office. As long as you are not exceeding the amount of users you signed up for, you can use the system from as many locations you wish.

Scalable and Flexible Bespoke Packages:

Unlike any other solution proposed in the region, we provide our customers the opportunity to create their own packages. Once you sign up, simply send us your requirements and we will design a package that is right for you. You don’t have to pay for features that you don’t want to use, as is the case with standard package based systems. You simply pay for what you use.
Moreover, our packages are scalable. Anytime you feel the need of upgrading, you can do so without any additional payments. Just give us a call and your package will be updated.

Revolutionize Your Internal and External Communication Today!

Wondering how to get started with us? Simply sign up today and connect with our tech support to state your requirements. We take your specific requirements and create a package that is best suitable for your individual needs. Once approved, RJ Cortel will get you up and running with our PBX systems.

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