Hosted PBX

We Provide Every Businesses with the Opportunity to Integrate a Bespoke Communication System for Internal and External Calls!

RJ Cortel’s Hosted PBX solutions provide exceptional quality services at market leading prices; to small businesses, mid-sized organizations and even large corporates. We are the leading service provider in the industry with everything that your business needs to take communication to the next level, including call recording, call monitoring, call routing, and interactive voice response (IVR). In addition, our suite of functionality also includes Outlook email integration, instant messaging and call routing to any device or location.

Why Switch to Hosted PBX?

Hosted PBX is the big thing today. Over 52 percent of businesses are reported to be using Hosted PBX in the UK alone, in a study conducted by Six Hours in 2014. Hosted PBX provides a plethora of advantages over traditional phone systems. While standard Hosted PBX providers limit customers to monthly deals or packages, RJ Cortel believes in complete independence and bespoke solution. We give you the flexibility to create your package to fit your growing your business; and then scale up as you require. In this way your communications expenditure is always at an appropriate level.

Unmatched Scalability!

RJ Cortel’s Hosted PBX Solution is completely scalable; all the time. Whether you want to increase the capacity of your service, add additional features or increase your minutes, you can do so in no time at all! This helps you maintain efficiency and productivity as your business evolves. As soon as your business or organization needs grow, you can ask for additional features and they will be provided to you. You aren’t restricted to a certain package. We provide 2000 free minutes to UK local and national numbers per user as standard, and then you choose if you want more. You won’t find yourself running out of minutes and paying for an entire package all over again with just five days remaining for the month. You control what you need, we deliver it.

Completely Customized Packages:

The beauty of RJ Cortel’s Hosted PBX solutions is that we do not make you pay for anything you don’t want. We understand every business is different and has its own individual requirements. In order to accommodate these requirements, we provide you with the option of creating your own packages as per your needs. You are not restricted to buying or paying for a service you won’t be using.

A Few Prominent Features of RJ Cortel’s Hosted PBX

From easy call management to multiple users, RJ Cortel’s online Hosted PBX platform comes with what you need.

Call Recording:

Our platform allows you to easily use our call recording functionality. It is low cost and allows you to monitor your employees. Whether internal or external, you can have all calls recorded for quality management purposes and to be fully PCI compliant. In addition, note that all your recordings are stored in our Cloud Data Center, which means they cannot be tampered with or cannot be damaged, since they are not recorded in your premises. They are only accessible to your administrative team.

You can also chose to have your data store for extended periods of time by downloading them to any PC.

In other words, with our Hosted PBX Solutions, you have the tool you need to ensure that your customer interactions of the highest standard possible.

Multiple Locations Supported:

Have branches in more than one city? Want to own a system that can work in all the locations but is managed through one central system? Say hello to RJ Cortel’s Hosted PBX. We provide you with the ability to install the platform in systems across multiple locations and manage it through your very own administrator area. You can even monitor, route or transfer a call to an agent on the move! In today’s climate of a more mobile workforce it is vital that telephony solutions are flexible in this way.

Email Integration and Instant Messaging:

RJ Cortel’s Hosted PBX platform offers much more than just incoming and outgoing calls?

Yes. You can integrate with Outlook for one click dialing. You can instant message; even when on a call.

Our systems are designed to give you the functionality you need in your daily business activities.

Join Hands with RJ Cortel to Take Your Communication to the Next Level!

Wondering how to get started? Simply contact our customer support experts and discuss your requirements. We will help you devise a package for your individual needs and let you know how much it will cost. If you like what you see, you can pay and get started right away. No hardware installation will be required.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch today and find out why millions of businesses have moved to Hosted PBX solutions.

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