ISDN to be switched off in 2025

BT announce plans to turn off ISDN in 2025.

Back in 2015, BT announced their plans to switch off the ISDN network in 2025. ISDN has been a standard telecoms product for businesses since the 1980’s and has proven to be a reliable and secure product since its inception.
Offering Voice and Data access at the same time helped businesses reach new heights.

Technology has moved on, and as such VoIP is now the go to choice for many business communication platforms, offering you reduced call rates and rentals, features that allow you to work from anywhere in the world and your business phone number available on any device.

This leads on to the BT fibre roll out program, you may of seen the engineers working in the green cabinets in the street or working on the side of the road laying new fibre cables. This is, in essence, a step to improve the connectivity for all of the UK. VoIP relies on a steady, stable broadband connection, and as such BT have and continue to invested heavily in improving broadband speeds.

By 2025 BT hope to have stable broadband connectivity to each and every business, and when they reach this stage, ISDN will be made redundant and a move to VoIP will become necessary.

Do you need to make the switch now?

The short answer is no, there is plenty of time, VoIP can be implemented into any business within a couple of weeks so there is no need to panic.
ISDN still remains to be a brilliant business communication product, allowing businesses in rural locations to increase their call capacity and have a stable platform to work from.

If you did want to look at updating then nearly every telephone system can be updated to benefit from SIP trunks, which are a form of VoIP (Voice over IP). This allows you to continue to make use of your current phone system and handsets and simply make calls over the internet instead of over ISDN.

Many of our customers have made the switch to VoIP or SIP to simply get the benefits that the new standard of communication offers. This has been done by either moving to a hosted phone system in the cloud or by updating their current system.

If you feel that your business needs to make the switch now, why not contact us and we will provide you with the options that are currently available to you in your area.

RJ Cortel