6 Steps to RJ Cortel Ltd

We want to help our customers by informing them of the steps that we take to bring their services over to us The RJ Way!

Each new customer will now receive one of our info graphics that details the 6 steps that we carry out to bring your services over to us.

We will keep in touch with you during each stage to inform you how it’s going, however we hope that the image will allow you to track the process and see how quickly and efficiently we go about our business and allow you to see what we are doing in the background.

We aim to bring customers over to RJ Cortel with minimal disruption and we ensure that each and every customer is completely  happy and enjoys being part of our expanding telephony solutions.



If you or someone you know is looking to move their telephony service to a new provider then please feel free to point them in our direction, it is our company ethos to ensure we deliver service excellence and is something we continue to excel at.

You can Contact Us or leave a comment and we will be in touch as soon as possible.



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