Hosted or On-Premise PBX?

“Should we go hosted or have an on-premise PBX? What’s the difference and what’s best?”

Potential clients regularly ask these questions when considering a new telephony solution.

They’re good queries and need to be fully considered.

A good starting point is perhaps “Who is the right supplier?”

RJ Cortel is fully accredited and experienced in both.

Having provided telephony solutions to clients throughout the UK and abroad for over a decade you can be assured that you will not receive a biased view.

They both have many benefits and either can deliver.

Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions surrounding this debate.

Through our rigorous consultation and demonstration process RJ Cortel will deliver the facts thus clearing the fog that so often surrounds this decision.

In addition, we actively encourage businesses considering our services to contact existing clients and discuss the care levels we provide and the technical ability that we possess.

This way you can make the right choice for your business and ultimately that’s what counts.

RJ Cortel is an extremely professional organisation - what they promise, they deliver...

Derek Wheeler, Finance Director at TGLynes