IP CCTV Systems

We specialise in delivering IP CCTV systems to businesses throughout the South East.

IP CCTV systems carry many benefits within the business environment.

With IP technology, systems can be joined to existing Local Area Networks. This allows access control and simple viewing of real time images from any client PC.

Should you have multiple sites which are connected or any web enabled PC you can view real time images from anywhere. Access is of course controlled by strict security protocols.

Recordings can be stored locally on a dedicated server but also backed up to the Cloud or to hosted servers ensuring the best possible offsite protection and data recovery solutions.

Image recording time can be significantly reduced by deploying motion detection technology which ensures that footage can be recalled quickly and efficiently.

We work with a range of manufactures including SeeTec, Panasonic, JVC & Sony.

Camera options are almost limitless including internal, warehouse, external, IR and night vision options.

All systems are supplied with a comprehensive maintenance programme.

RJ Cortel is an extremely professional organisation - what they promise, they deliver...

Derek Wheeler, Finance Director at TGLynes