iOS 10: What can you expect from the latest iPhone software

The new iOS 10 software for iPhone and iPad is nearly here, the release date is scheduled to coincide with the release of the new iPhone 7.

There are plenty of new features and improvements that Apple has been planning to give you the biggest iOS update yet. Keep reading and we will show you what they have been working on.


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How to set up a hunt group on a Mitel MiVoice Office 250

This is the first of a series of blog posts detailing how to set up some of the features that you have available on a Mitel 250 this should be tackled by qualified Mitel certified engineers. First let’s take a look at how to set up a Hunt Group through the Mitel System Administration & Diagnostics software or SAD tool as we will refer to it from this point on, the SAD tool can seem a bit confusing at first but we will try to guide you through this and show you it’s not as scary as it looks!.

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Running a small company?

Running a small company comes with huge challenges and can often be an uphill battle. Owners and staff have to possess multiple skill sets to push the company forwards.

Due to its constant evolution IT and telecoms can be a difficult path to traverse due to the thousands of providers out there claiming to be “the next big thing”. You could just go with a provider that you know, but does that provider really know you?

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Changes to Non-Geographic Numbers

Ofcom regulatory changes as of 1st July 2015

Calling 080x numbers

All 080x numbers will now be free to call from all UK destinations including mobiles.

Inbound 080x numbers

If you own or operate an 080x number, an additional charge will be generated for calls to that number to take into consideration that they are now free of charge from all platforms including mobile operators.

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FTTC Connections

As a reminder we are about to launch Self-Install for Fibre installations, at the moment an Openreach engineer needs to visit your property to install the service and provide a VDSL modem. Using Self-Install the service is activated remotely with no engineer visit to your premises. We will be supplying a VDSL router to replace the Openreach modem although you can source your own equipment if you prefer.

Upgrades were due to launch on the 19th January, due to unforeseen circumstances the launch will now be the 21st. From this date any request to upgrade an existing ADSL connection with us will be provisioned using Self-Install.

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