ISDN – What is ISDN?

ISDN stands for “Integrated Services Digital Network.”
ISDN is a data transfer technology, created in 1984, that can transfer data significantly faster than a dial-up modem.
This enables wide-bandwidth digital transmission over the public telephone network, which means more data can be sent at one time.
This allows the ISDN circuit to deliver a clear and clean voice transmission compared to some analogue phone lines.
A typical ISDN connection can support transfer rates of 64K or 128K of data per second. While these speeds are faster than what you can get with an old dial-up modem, the newer ADSL technology and FTTC can support much faster transfer rates and are less costly to set up and maintain, ISDN has almost become obsolete for data transmition and Is mainly used for voice calls where the need for clear voice transmission is a priority.

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