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FTTC – What is FTTC?

FTTC uses technology known as ‘Fibre To The Cabinet’ which connects telephone exchanges to street cabinets using fibre optic links.

By using the fibre optic links this allows the network to run faster and can then be used to deliver more bandwidth-hungry broadband services.

This means that you are able to get faster speeds, making it more suitable for Internet access in your business. Unlike standard broadband, the distance from your local telephone exchange doesn’t determine the speed you can get.

With FTTC, the distance from your nearest green street cabinet and the quality of the line between the cabinet and your property determine your speed.

FTTC uses the same technology (Dynamic Line Management) as standard broadband to give you the best possible serice, and the most stable connection.

Note: On the go live day your broadband and telephone won’t work for a short while; this is whilst the Openreach engineer is connecting your service at the green cabinet. if you have any concerns during this time then RJ Cortel will always be on hand to help where needed.

Once you’ve been informed your service is ready you’ll just need to plug your new VDSL fibre router into either the supplied microfilter or directly into your master socket with one of the included Ethernet cables.

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